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Roband Retainer Clip for 8 slice Grill Station

by Roband
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Recommended Retail Price $59.00
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Retainer Clip & Grill Sheet – these are used to keep the Grill Station plates clean during use. They are easily removed for washing. The sheet is also non-stick preventing the food from sticking to the plates.
Side Draining Grease Channel – this is designed to handle high volume of grease from cooked food. The Grease Channel drains into a collection vessel such as a small steam table pan.Rear Stand – the Rear Stand is designed to raise the Grill Station rear so that grease and crumbs drain and collect in the forward positioned grease box.Plate Spacer – various sizes are available and these are designed to ensure a consistent height is maintained between the top and bottom plates during operation. These are ideally suited to preparation of delicate products such as croissants.Aluminium Grill Pattern Plates – Designed to sit between the Grill Station smooth plates and Grill Sheet with Clip, the Aluminium Grill Pattern Plates produce a crosshatched char grill style pattern on the food being produced.

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