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Diamond Steel 12"

SKU 953
Recommended Retail Price $40.50 - Recommended Retail Price $40.50
Recommended Retail Price
$40.50 - $40.50
Current price $40.50

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Abrasive and tough, made to sharpen blunt knives.  Best used in conjunction with a honing steel to achieve a superior finish.

  • Ensure your knives are always sharp and are in top condition.
  • This sharpening steel is ideal for knives where you are cutting, slicing and carving.
  • You can also sharpen scissors.
  • The coarse surface will grind down blunt edges, knicks and imperfections in your knife blades, keeping them sharp, safe and functional
  • Featuring a sturdy hand grip at the top, the handle helps to ensure that knife blades don’t swipe the hand as you sharpen.

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