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Status Cordless Vacuum Packaging Combo

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Profit by vacuum storing

Vacuum storing keeps food fresh for up to four times longer, which means that everyone in the restaurant businesses and other professional kitchens will have more time to use your foodstuffs and throw less food out avoiding loss of profits. In vacuum containers, foodstuffs are stored without oxygen, which slows down their deterioration, development of mould, and loss of nutritional value and aroma.

Our Gastro Electric Pump will ensure your professional vacuum containers will always be vacuum packed at the appropriate pre-set evacuated pressure, which ensures extended food shelf life.

By vacuum-packing you will:

  • extend shelf life,
  • preserve vitamins and minerals,
  • prevent odours from spreading, and
  • preserve flavour.

Status Gastro Electric Pump

The Gastro vacuum pump is intended for vacuum packing gastro vacuum containers in restaurants, pizzerias, professional kitchens, and other catering establishments using fresh ingredients. It is handy and adapted for fast-paced work in professional kitchens;

  • Cable-less operation, which means you won’t need to mess about with cables or worry about dipping them in food or knocking something off the counter.
  • Two single piston pumps extract 24 l/min (volume flow rate), which is comparable to better vacuum sealers on the market.
  • Highly powerful lithium-ion battery.
  • The included battery dock also doubles as a convenient stand that will always keep your pump handy on the counter.
  • After pressing the button, the vacuum packing proceeds automatically and stops when the pre-set evacuated pressure level is achieved.
hand held pump for vacuum sealing food containers
Food containers are hermetically closed by just pressing one button.

The Gastro vacuum pump is adapted for use in professional kitchens

Its large flow rate enables this powerful pump to extract the air out of large vacuum containers in a mere few seconds. Wash and slice fruits and vegetables and store them in Gastro vacuum containers – this way you’ll keep them fresh for a few days. Also vacuum pack and cold-store leftover food at the end of your workday – they’ll still be ready for use the following day without losing their flavour or aroma.

  • Pizzerias: pizza makers, get ready for increased turnover over the weekend by slicing the pepperoni, grating the cheese, slicing the onions, peppers, mushrooms and all other pizza ingredients and then use the Gastro pump to store the ingredients in professional-grade vacuum containers, where they will keep fresh throughout the day and even enable you to use what’s left tomorrow or the next day.
  • Hotels and motels: get breakfast ready – slice various cold meats, sausages, cheeses, and bread, and wash and slice fresh fruits and vegetables – store these food items in Gastro vacuum containers and vacuum pack them using our professional pump to preserve their aromas and fresh flavours.
  • Restaurants: vacuum pack seasoned meat and your steaks will taste even fuller because meat pores open up in vacuum allowing marinade to penetrate deeper and faster.
  • Smoothie bars: you need a lot of sliced fruits to make smoothies; they are hard to slice as you go when there’s a rush of customers, which is why we recommend that you make thorough preparations before opening and store the ingredients in vacuum containers, which are most effectively vacuum packed using our Gastro Electric Pump.
  • Bars: 2-litre gastro vacuum containers will keep slices of lemon, cucumber, oranges, pineapple and other cocktail fruits fresh for a whole week, saving you from having to prepare decorations as you go, which is very time consuming.
  • Kindergartens and schools: sliced onions, tomatoes and fresh peppers, apples, pears … will stay fresh 4x longer, enabling you to serve them to your children as snacks in the afternoon or the next day, when they’ll be just as full of vitamins and minerals.

Maintenance and cleaning

Before first use, read the operation manual carefully. Keep the pump at hand but avoid any contact with water. Separate cleaning is not necessary because the pump does not come in contact with the food. If your Gastro pump gets dirty, wipe it with a damp soft cloth.


The housing of our Gastro pump is made of ABS plastic, which is durable and simple to maintain, the gasket is silicone, and the battery lithium-ion.

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