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Squeeze Bottles Food Safe HDPE

SKU TK6840
Recommended Retail Price $2.18 - Recommended Retail Price $2.72
Recommended Retail Price
$2.18 - $2.72
Current price $2.18

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Chef Inox has an immense range of professional kitchen utensils that, short of doing the cooking for you, will certainly make your cooking experience much easier.


Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer. Resistant to cracking, warping and chipping, polyethylene products are ideal for commercial environments. Non-porous and hygienic, this range can be used for all manners of food service.


Crafted from food-grade materials, our Food Safe products are free from toxins and harmful substances. Smooth finishes and seamless design eliminates bacteria for long-term use and safety.


Dishwasher safe products are essential for any hospitality business. Our dishwasher safe items are guaranteed to stand up against everyday commercial use rigors without compromising their original lustre or finish.

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