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Chef Inox Gastronorm Pan 1/4 Size

SKU TKGN-14065
Recommended Retail Price $13.61 - Recommended Retail Price $22.50
Recommended Retail Price
$13.61 - $22.50
Current price $13.61

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Store, freeze, cook or display with Chef Inox Gastronorm pans. Made from highly durable stainless steel, these classic pans were produced with strength and durability in mind.


Designed for both form and function, Stainless Steel products are made from quality materials. Durable, practical, and dishwasher safe, our stainless steel products are made to last.


Long-lasting and sturdy, our strong and durable products are built to last and resistant to damages. Able to withstand the rigours of commercial use.


Dishwasher safe products are essential for any hospitality business. Our dishwasher safe items are guaranteed to stand up against everyday commercial use rigors without compromising their original lustre or finish.

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