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Book of Ice Cream

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ISBN: 9788867533435
Publication date: 28/09/2021

This book is the fruit of a collaboration between Lydia Capasso, food writer and lifelong ice cream lover, and
Simone De Feo, passionate expert ice cream maker, who make it possible for anyone to make good ice
cream at home. You don't necessarily have to buy a scrumptious ice cream for it to be delicious; ice cream
is quick and easy to prepare and can be a perfect ready solution to round off a meal.
This book doesn't just talk about ice cream, it also conveys the essence of family and memories, especially
those linked to childhood.
Quality of the ingredients is one of the most important aspects of preparation; by using only excellent
seasonal and local ingredients, ice cream becomes a narrator for its local area and has the power to tell
entire stories on your palate.

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