What Destroys Deep Fry Oil

What Destroys Deep fryer Oil Life???

There are many factors to consider with oil life, best practices and a good filtration process can save your business thousands of dollars. These are some of the factors that impact your oil life, which impacts your product and could lead to more or less business walking through the door.

Sneak Peak - Latest Combi Coming

Take a sneak peak at the the latest video teaser from Unox.....

This oven is called "Uno" can't wait to unleash this one. Again Unox are playing there cards very close to their chest.

There will be an AUstralian release in Melbourne in June and I dare say this oven will be in full swing at the Fine Foods Trade Fair this year in September.

Away From Home - Tissue Market

Who makes your paper?

About one-third of the tissue market represents use "Away From Home," in commercial and industrial settings such as office and government buildings, hotels, schools, airports, amusement parks, hospitals, highway rest stops - anywhere restroom and kitchen facilities are not in a private home.

Most Away From Home (AfH) tissue products are bought by building owners, institutions and janitorial services directly from distributors (including some of the same ones that distribute printing and writing papers). The products are usually bulk-packaged and often tied to marketing specialized dispensers that encourage brand loyalty.


Townsville's Newest City Lane

Exciting New Venues Open in the heart of the City.

A dynamic mixed-use development offering shopping, dining, office space and services retail, City Arcade is a modern day-to-night centre for CBD workers and inhabitants. The re-imagined design celebrates the modernist 1960’s architecture of the original building and seamlessly merges Townsville’s tropical outdoors with a pleasant interior experience

Cutting Boards - Material Facts HACCP


Polypropylenes are chemically similar to polyethylenes but have somewhat better physical strength. The density of polypropylene is among the lowest of all plastic materials, ranging from 0.900 to 0.915.Polypropylenes are perhaps the only thermoplastic that surpasses all others in combined electrical properties, heat resistance, rigidity, toughness, chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and surface gloss at a lower cost compared to other thermoplastic materials.

Manitowoc - Launches New Ice Machine Brand

"The Koolaire brand was designed and developed from the ground up to address the price driven, performance segment of the market", according to Sr. Product Manager, Murray Meyer. Koolaire is targeted to customers who buy on price and want basic features, but also want high quality and reliability. The Koolaire brand will be supported by Manitowoc Foodservice current distribution partners and service network.

More information about the Koolaire brand can be found at and/or the Manitowoc brand at